2 February 2009

My Dad Passes Away

My Father, Joseph, passed away aged 82, on the last day of January 2009. I was beside him at the hospital just before he lost consciousness. The last words on his lips were the Lord' s Prayer, just as had prayed every night with my Mum before they went to sleep.

'Our Father in heaven ... forgive us our trespasses...' I am certain that God heard his prayer and that right now he is in heaven with the Lord in whom he entrusted his soul.

I thank God for giving me such a Dad. He taught me the value of hard work, and what it means to be a faithful husband and a dedicated father. But most importantly he taught me from infancy to fear the Lord.

The funeral service was simple and yet profoundly beautiful. God gave my brother, Pastor Paul, the strength to lead the service. We sung hymns, prayed and gave testimonies about Dad, but most of all, we thanked God for him, and for the salvation we have in Christ Jesus.

It will be hard for Mum to sleep without holding the hand of the man she loved for over fifty years. I miss Dad too, but I am not without hope. As someone told me, Christians do not say good-bye; we say good-night, see you in the morning!

The morning will break forth when the Son returns in glory. We will be together, all God's people, in the glorious presence of our beloved Lord and Saviour! What a beautiful day that will be!