22 March 2011

Free Christian e-Book

I would like to offer my friends a free copy of my e-book:

  A Survey of the Core Beliefs of Christianity

The Christian faith is God's life-giving message to his people. Over the centuries Christians have cherished the precious heritage recorded in the Holy Scriptures. The same gospel is as powerful today to give us life as it ever was before. Through the knowledge of God's truth, we find peace with God, spiritual wisdom and the hope of eternal life. The main topics discussed are the Bible, the Trinity, Creation and Fall of Man, Jesus Christ, Salvation, the Holy Spirit, Justification, Sanctification, the Church, Baptism and Lord's Supper, and Future Things.

A copy in PDF format can be downloaded for free. Download

A hard copy of the book may be purchase from Amazon.

I pray that you will greatly benefit from this concise presentation of the main doctrines of the Christian faith - to strengthen your confidence in the Bible; to better know God and yourself; to experience God's salvation in Christ Jesus; and to glorify God and enjoy him more than you ever did before.

The book is also available in Maltese, Il-Fidi Evanġelika, read online or in pdf format upon request.