6 March 2013

Amazed by Grace!

I confess that ‘in Adam’ I was born a sinner, spiritually dead in trespasses and sins, and a slave to sin from which I could not free myself. I thank God that he chose me in Christ before the world was made, not because I was any better than the rest of humanity or because of some decision that I would take, but simply because of his sovereign grace. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ who came to the world to fulfil his Father’s will to save me and all that the Father had given him – unworthy sinners from all the world - by his death on the cross. I praise the Lord that his death really accomplished its purpose, the redemption and justification of all his people.  I thank God that though I would not come to Christ because of my obstinate and sinful will, he changed my heart that I may freely and willingly respond to his call. He called me out of my spiritual tomb and gave me life that I might be able to respond. He granted me repentance and gave me the gift of faith to entrust my salvation to his care. I thank God that though I’m so weak that I would readily loose my salvation in an hour, he has given me the Holy Spirit to ensure my perseverance in the faith to the end, when for all eternity I will continue to praise him for the glory of his grace.