14 November 2013

Adoption is a Children's Right

The discussion about adoption should be focused on children and not on the ‘rights’ of adults, whether married, gay or single persons. Nobody has an automatic right to adopt children; the right belongs to children who deserve the best possible upbringing in a loving family.

It is odd that the Civil Unions Bill that is being debated in Parliament gives same-sex couples the right to adopt children even though the Marriage Act does not even mention anything about the matter. I think that adoption should be discussed separately and regulated by a specific law to facilitate the process and to set up rules that ensure children’s best interests.

An atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security is a basic but not the only requirement. Ideally children should grow up in the care and under the responsibility of their parents, a mother and a father. They need both complementary role models. This should be a primary guiding principle in the law regulating adoption.

Other things being equal, the first choice for adoption should be given to a married couple so that they may provide both maternal and paternal care to the child. Otherwise we will be discriminating against the child by denying him or her the affection and influence of a father or a mother.