6 May 2012

Preparing formula milk (Medical students)

The three main concerns are:

  1. hygiene (to prevent enteritis);
  2. correct concentration (to prevent under-nutrition or hyper-natraemic dehydration);
  3. correct temperature.
How to prepare a bottle of formula milk:

  1. Wash and sterilize bottle, teat and cap (using steam sterilizer, microwave sterilizer, sterilization solution or boiling for 10 minutes).
  2. Boil mineral water.
  3. Wash your hands before preparing bottle.
  4. Pour the correct amount of warm water in the bottle to the marked level.
  5. Add the correct number of level scoops of powder using the scoop provided. (1 level scoop with every 30 mls of water). Shake gently to dissolve the powder.
  6. Check the temperature by allowing some drops to fall on the wrist. If it feels comfortable, it is the right temperature for the baby. Otherwise the milk should be cooled under running water, or heated in a bottle-warmer.
  7. The milk should be used immediately; discard any left-over milk.