22 July 2013

How should I read the Bible?

With a reverent attitude and deep humility. Keep in mind that the Bible is the Word of your Creator, your Master, your God. When you open the book, open your heart to listen attentively to God speaking to you.

Read prayerfully and diligently, striving to understand its meaning. Do not attempt to make it fit your own preconceptions and beliefs, but rather let the Word shape your thinking, your faith and your life. It is worthless if you read the Bible just to gain intellectual knowledge; you will profit only if you are obedient to its message. You will profit, most of all, because through the Scriptures we come to know God intimately.

A couple of practical hints: Have a reading plan. Four chapters a day will cover the entire Bible in a year. Some books deserve special emphasis, and these should be read over and over again, especially the four gospels and the epistles. Use the Psalms as model prayers.

Plan beforehand the time and place, because if you don’t, you will probably not read at all. Many Christians find that early in the morning is the best time, but of course, you will need to find the best place and time suitable for you.